Praise for Frederick A. Moore and his personal testimony, BEYOND VENGEANCE TO FORGIVENESS: A Memoir of Christ’s Transforming Power

‘5-stars – Recommended!’
“. . . I thoroughly enjoyed reading your—sometimes harrowing—testimony. . . You excel in descriptive vocabulary, a conversational style . . . (and) with Jesus as your Companion, (His) Transformative Power helps bring Light to this dark world in a way that is refreshing and relatable. I look forward to reading more of your works. 5-stars – Recommended.”

—Eliza Earsman, Christian author, United Kingdom

‘This story will change the way you look at life, as it has for me.’
“. . . Moore’s journey is real, not only for him but for so many of us in (this) world . . . there are messages about pain, hard-heartedness, forgiveness and redemption in this timely, heart-wrenching, beautiful true story. ‘From Vengeance to Forgiveness’ is a special read from a sensitive, tough and lovely man who lived it first-hand. This story will change the way you look at life, as it has for me. As a first-person account of real life, this book is truly a Blessing.”

—Pete Wilkinson, Founder and CEO,
Wilkinson Sports and Life Performance Academy, Texas, USA,
“Leadership, Life Skills and Performance Through Sports”


Five-stars! Powerful and insightful — Lisa Lickel
Reviewed in the United States on September 11, 2021

Moore’s account of a lifetime of learning to deal with abandonment issues and all the effects is a poignant testimony to the transforming love of Christ to the surrendered heart. A lovely cycle story, Moore takes his readers to the depths of depravity and back up to the mountains of joy.

Beginning with the touchpoint of his father’s abandonment, Moore shares the ups and downs of childhood with a volatile father and an enabling mother. These qualities drove Moore to become a self-identified “nerd” who delved into escapism to endure the home and school bullies he encountered. Never tough enough, never good enough, he had resigned himself to a fate of blue-collar work to give his siblings a boost from the pit of life. A high school counselor stepped in. Moore was given the opportunity to attend college through a well-designed financial package.

“Mr. Alvarado changed all our lives, directly or indirectly. Why me? I was this world-weary, illegitimate white boy, who, when offered the opportunity of his life, ungratefully dragged his feet until he almost missed out,” Moore says.
In a bit of a jumpy bit of story-telling, Moore backtracks to another important event during high school. Moore was led to faith through a whimsical Bible gift and a Seventh-day Adventist. After studying the Bible, “This seventh-day Sabbath makes perfect sense to me,” Moore shares.

Though Moore made a sincere pledge of faith, it didn’t change the deep hurt of his father’s betrayal, and a resulting thirty-year vendetta. “As long as I dishonored my father in this fashion, I could never wholly be in Christ.” In college, Moore met and married his wife Susie, and after graduation followed his love of language with a career in media relations. The birth of his first child was a life-altering moment and showed him he could overcome the abusive parenting he’d suffered.

After years of perfectionism in his career and a downhill faith life, his life began to break down in emotional and physical illbeing. The deaths of his mother and boss/mentor put him into a tailspin, and by 1997, due to encouragement at work, he was on his way to the Weimar Institute for a three-week stay to put his life back into perspective.

A moving and thoughtful memoir, Moore challenges his readers to reach deep within and examine ourselves rightly before God.

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