Christ Proclaims: Those Who Endure to the end will be saved


Since December 31st, 2021:

Bonds dropped the most in over two decades

US debt increased to over $30 trillion 

Inflation soared

Food prices surged

Mortgage rates spiked

The Fed remained lost

Stocks crash feared

Putin Threatens Use of Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine War

Church attendance, belief in God reach all-time low percentages domestically, internationally

Thousands perish in needless war, earthquakes, pestilence, floods, out-of-control fires, social unrest.

Is there any Good News to be had?

With each day that passes, this battered globe spins ever closer to the glorious Second Coming of Jesus Christ.  In spite of historically low belief percentages throughout Humankind, Jesus Christ WILL fulfill His Promise. Count on Him to quell the madness surrounding us once and for all.

Jesus Christ has ‘prepared a place for us. The Heavenly Country–a place in which ‘we can be also.’  Believe in His Promise. Pray for His soon return. Pray for The Holy Spirit to bring a greater percentage of humankind knowledge and conviction of what is coming. Gather others to this Truth in the name of Jesus Christ. Praise Our Creator for His Preparation on behalf of a lost world.

Jesus Christ has proclaimed: ‘Those who endure to the end will be saved:’ Believe it. For He is Trustworthy to the end of days. — FM


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