Full Testimony uplifts, brings tears to reader’s eyes

It’s the week of August 7-13, 2022, the second week of my second year with a published book out for purchase. I received a review of BEYOND VENGEANCE TO FORGIVENESS from a new reader yesterday. I do enjoy hearing from readers.

I pick up the review here: “. . . your complete story–with your transformation–brought tears to my eyes. It was very uplifting for me. (Your story) shows God’s workings even when one is at their lowest.”

This new review gives my second year a hopeful jump-start.This reader’s comments speak directly to the purpose I had in writing this book in the first place. Spreading Hope in Jesus Christ to others, uplifting Christ and His Transformative Power for all to see is the purpose of my testimony.

Personally, I believe that Jesus Christ and His Transformative Power is the answer to what troubles humankind today. His Prescription for what ails humankind is freely available in the pages of The Holy Bible (KJV), the 1611 Edition. The Word of God, as it is also known, studied in the accompaniment of heartfelt prayer provides the solutions, provides everything humankind needs to meet the challenges of today. It also provides light for the path to Eternal Life in the Heavenly Country. Won’t you pray and study the Word of God with me? I promise you will be glad you did. — FM

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