I Know Who Holds Tomorrow & I Know He Holds My Hand, Heart

I Don’t Know About Tomorrow,
I Just Live From Day To Day.
I Don’t Borrow From It’s Sunshine,
For It’s Skies May Turn To Gray.
I Don’t Worry Over The Future,
For I Know What Jesus Said,
And Today I’ll Walk Beside Him,
For He Knows What Is Ahead.

Many Things About Tomorrow,
I Don’t Seem To Understand;
But I Know Who Holds Tomorrow,
And I Know Who Holds My Hand.

Every Step Is Getting Brighter,
As The Golden Stairs I Climb;
Every Burden’s Getting Lighter;
Every Cloud Is Silver Lined.
There The Sun Is Always Shining,
There No Tear Will Dim The Eyes,
At The Ending Of The Rainbow,
Where The Mountains Touch The Sky.

I Don’t Know About Tomorrow,
It May Bring Me Poverty;
But The One Who Feeds The Sparrow,
Is The One Who Stands By Me.
And The Path That Be My Portion,
May Be Through The Flame Or Flood,
But His Presence Goes Before Me,
And I’m Covered With His Blood

Christian Hymnal Songs

The Petersons, a family country/gospel singing group, have a YouTube channel. Many performers have these channels. These sites seem to be a good way to present product.

As with all YouTube videos, there is a comments section. For the song lyrics presented at this post’s beginning, the comments section has been disabled. There are many potential reasons for a comments section to be disabled.

I’m going to present the lyrics to the aforementioned song right here, right now. This is not necessarily an act of rebellion. Unless, of course, you prefer to silence free expression on the part of Christians. Then, please consider this as a Christian man making a stand for Jesus Christ and His devoted, faithful believers. No, I’m not talking about Christian Nationalism, a great counterfeit subsuming REAL Belief in Jesus Christ. I believed in Christ before it was politically correct to do so. But it’s the politically correct Christianity I’m against. Jesus Christ was never politically correct. However, Jesus Christ IS Creator, Redeemer, Savior, King of my Heart.

That is what these lyrics stand for. I stand with The Petersons, or anyone else who faithfully raises their voices in Love with these lyrics. I stand with them in proclaiming Jesus is Lord. Please understand, I do care that everyone hear these words in song. I admit that all have the right to HEAR these words–or choose not to. I have the right to choose to listen and sing along. And, yes, I have the right to Believe in Who we Praise. All commentary aside, no matter how often these songs of praise are muted, deleted, and/or scorned, through Christ I am NOT ashamed of this Gospel. In fact, these Gospel Music expressions are the Song of my Heart. Praise Jesus. Amen! — FM

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