Lead With Your Ears Because Listening Is A Kindness

‘Listening is one of the loudest forms of kindness.’

I saw this quote on a motivational poster the other day. The quote struck a chord within me. Lately, I’ve noticed as I attract new followers on social media, kindness seems to be in short supply. I’m talking about kindness in the form of a ‘listening ear,’ or as much as one can be in writing.

People everywhere are hurting, hurting for one reason or another. Within the virtual world of social media, genuine concern in the form of listening is hard to come by. Or, at least, that’s the world I see. I have a tendency to be a bit of a roving minstrel of concern on social media. This not a role I chose, it’s a role Jesus Christ has set before me. As much as He has been an EAR for me, He expects me to LISTEN by reading social media posts in an active fashion. If a post compels me to push back gently, nudging the door fully open, to gently inquire for some deeper understanding of what someone is facing. Christ compels me further, to be a listening ear for another.

Most times these gentle inquiries are welcome. But not always. To be an effective listener means to accept that people aren’t always ready to be ‘heard.’ With the Grace of God, it is as important to be accepting of rejection. Thankfully, though, most times Christ compels me to go forward, provides me with the gentle spirit necessary to make connection. Most of the time, the one seeking a listening ear just needs to do most of the talking, to vent what’s on their heart or mind. I am always Blessed by these interactions. I am so Thankful for the new depths of compassion that are available when Christ is dwelling in me. I can tap into His bottomless well of Living Water and share an ear to the needy.

Some say I have a ‘booming voice’ that is often accompanied by a gregarious personality that can be equally overpowering. Christ has helped me in tamping down the talk, tempering the outgoing nature of my personality, and listen first and foremost. The result of this transformation in me has made me a better person. Seriously, the infilling of Christ is truly Transformational. With His Gentle Spirit leading-out has made it easier to apply my gregarious personality at the appropriate point of a growing friendship.

I guess I’m saying that ‘LEADING WITH MY EARS’ has improved my ability to be kind. This Transformation within me has proven that ‘listening is one of the LOUDEST forms of kindness.’ Thank you, Jesus, for another meaningful lesson in life.– FM

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