Less than five of 10 Americans believe in a Higher Power, Belief Is Even Lower Abroad

These are, likely, the 25 most difficult countries in which to sell books about Christian transformation.

The following countries–25 in number-claim atheism as the predominant belief. Atheism is no belief in a higher power outside of one self.

Nine out of 10 people in China claim to be atheists. Japan comes nest, in which eight out of 10 people claim to be atheists.

Seven countries–Norway, Australia, Estonia, Belgium, United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, and Sweden–have a population in which seven out of ten people claim to be atheists.

Eleven countries–Ireland, Israel, Latvia, Finland, Canada, Spain, Azerbaijan, South Korea, Germany, Vietnam, and Denmark–consist of a people who choose atheism as their belief system at a six out of ten rate.

The top four atheism rates by country are: Austria and Slovenia, both with 59% of their population claiming atheism as their belief system. Completing the list of least likely countries in which to sell books about Christian transformation are France and Iceland at 55% and 54% atheistic believers, respectively.

Just for comparison, the United States boasts 43% of its population as being atheistic in their belief system. Only four in 10 Americans believe in a higher power outside of themselves. To some, this may sound high or low in numbers, depending on one’s perspective.

It’s no wonder that Christ lamented on the state of belief in the last days. And, make no mistake, Humankind is staring ahead blindly as Earth marks its last days. The prophecies foretold in the books of Daniel and Revelation point to the signs of Christ’s Second Coming. We may not know the exact day or hour, but we do know it’s very soon now.

Our move to the Earth made new is just over the horizon. And, Christ has prepared us a place. Praise His Holy Name. — FM



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