From God Is Dead to He Is Very Much ALIVE!!!

In the introduction to Beyond Vengeance to Forgiveness, I assert my belief in a God who IS there and is NOT silent. In my teenaged years and on through my college days, I was exposed to many different ideologies and philosophies of life. I came out of college firmly believing in the existence of God, in Christianity, and in the doctrines of the Seventh-day Adventist Christian Church.

One of my favorite Christian thinkers and authors remains Dr. Francis Schaefer.  The subtitle of one of his best-known books reads: DOES IT MAKE SENSE TO BELIEVE IN GOD? This was the question Dr Schaefer asked just six short years following a TIME magazine’s cover article’s headline read: iS GOD DEAD? Over the past 55 years, society has progressed from thoughts of a deceased Creator (1966) to questioning if belief in God even makes sense (1972) to the possible death of atheism, or DISbelief in God (2021).

In 2021, IS ATHEISM DEAD?,Author Eric Metaxas’ latest book, he uncovers new evidence and arguments against the idea of a Creatorless universe. He draws on the insights of top scientists and five scientific discoveries to prove that atheism is untenable.

“I think in these last days, as things unravel around the world, God is shining His light brighter and brighter; He’s allowing us to discover things via science and via archaeology … it simply gets harder and harder to deny Him,” said Metaxas.

I agree. It is in this level of belief one finds the story of Life Everlasting. Through and by the Power of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Jesus IS there. Jesus is NOT silent. I found Him there, and, thankfully, He is NOT silent. He’s there for you as well. — FM




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