I’m exhilarated serving HIM; working for others, for HIM

It’s the evening of Thanksgiving Day, 2021. My sixty-sixth Thanksgiving Day celebration. This has been perhaps the most laid-back Thanksgiving Day that I can recall.

No children on-hand today, nor any grandchildren. I believe that’s my first childless Thanksgiving since 1975. That pretty much explains the ‘relative’ quiet today. Pun intended. There was still good fellowship, great food and pleasant vintage movies to watch like ‘It’s A Wonderful Life.’ I squeezed in an early afternoon nap, too.

Mostly, it was a day to count Blessings, to reach out with messages of Goodwill to family, friends and acquaintances, and to just RELAX for a change. Can you remember the last time you had time for that? I couldn’t recall such a time. Perhaps today was not as laid-back as I once thought.

I need to make more time in my life for ‘downtime.’ Even though I’m retired due to both age AND disability, I find that I’m still pushing myself as if I weren’t disabled, retired, and OLD, even infirm. It’s just who I am, I guess.

You know what, I’m thankful for the vigor with which I still enjoy life. Praise God for seeing fit to encourage me to ever loftier ambitions in His Service. I am humbled that He still wants me to Serve. As He empowers me to GO, I’m filled with exhilaration at the prospect of working for others, for Him. — FM

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