My Aversion to Vulnerability Transformed To Passion for Christ, Others

During my career in public relations, I was always writing copy to fit limited space.

Presented more recently with the prospect of authoring a book, I was encouraged by others to write each chapter to exhaustion. The number of words didn’t matter. Write until you have nothing left to say, I was advised. Then, and only then, rewrite from that point. Why? ‘Because, I was advised, there’s no such thing as good writing. Only good RE-writing’. Uh-huh.

In authoring Beyond Vengeance to Forgiveness, a book I felt compelled to produce, I had to return to the painful memories of a life surviving against the odds from childhood abuse and family dysfunction. In presenting this story to the world, I had to submit to the promptings of The Holy Spirit and lay myself bare for all to see. I had to reach far beyond my ‘comfort zone’, writing at a level of discomfort I hadn’t experienced before.

I had to write from the heart as much, or more so, than ever before.

With Jesus Christ in my life, I possess a ‘new heart and mind.’ It is from those new ‘organs’ I authored this book. In submitting to His Will for my life, I write with renewed purpose. My aversion to vulnerability is transformed into a passion for Him, for others, and even for my dad, Homer. Honestly, I even wrote with compassion for myself.

I find Beyond Vengeance to Forgiveness to be a book of healing. It is my prayer you will too. — FM


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