What if? Here’s a thought-provoking writing assignment for you

I’m going to suggest a writing assignment today. 

The premise? You have been handed responsibility and dominion over a brand-new world by its Creator. The Creator places two tablets of instruction containing ten promises in your hands. Some might see the ‘Ten’ as Commandments or Rules to live by. In essence, the ‘Ten’ are the ‘owner’s manual’ for Humankind on this newly formed world. You are told that following these instructions will be in the best interests of all living things.

The Creator offers you full, unrestricted access to Him as you go. You need only take your questions to Him for a response.

You look out over the landscape before you—reveling in the abundance of fruit-bearing trees, rushing streams of cool, clear water, the variety of living things, etc. What are the thoughts and feelings that rush to your mind? Write about those.

What are the immediate queries that come to your mind? Who, What, When, Where, Why & How? Write about those queries.

Imagine what it means for the Creator to turn over this world’s ‘keys’ to you. Write about the meaning for you in this gesture by the Creator?

How will you do in your role as the world’s leader and caregiver? Take a sincere, painfully honest appraisal of yourself. Write about it.

I encourage you to share your thoughts here on this blog. Take the weekend. Starting Monday, I’ll begin going through your contributions. Enjoy! — FM

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