Thought for day: September 22, 2021

On the heels of the Glorious Transformation Jesus Christ had wrought in me, a new man left the hilltops of the Weimar Institute for home in Eastern Washington. So changed was I that even my own Son told one of his baseball team mothers: “I don’t know what those people did to my dad. He’s changed so much.” ‘Those people’ being the physicians, nurses, counselors, dietitians, other staff members, and attendees of the NEWSTART Program at The Weimar Institute in Northern California.

It wasn’t them ALONE who had changed my life so thoroughly. It was the Transformative Power of Jesus Christ. I went to The Weimar Institute to regain the mental and physical health I had lost. Unexpectedly, my Savior delivered a BONUS to me during those 16 days of the NEWSTART Program. What a delivery it was. Christ pulled me up by the bootstraps, flipped me head-over-heels, and shook me so thoroughly as if to wrench my innards out! A transformation so unexpected, so unabashedly life-changing, even my own teenaged son wondered after me.

I was still energized by these events a few months later when I penned this tribute:

Jesus wept for me; Tears of love flowing from a spring of limitless depth.

Jesus bled for me; Drops of mercy forming a sea of forgiveness.

Jesus died for me; His final breath blowing open the door to eternity.

Jesus rose from the grave for me; Oh death, where is thy sting?

Jesus lives for me–and for us all; His victory, our certainty!

By beholding Christ in a tangible way, I had become transformed. My mental outlook. My physical well-being. My Spiritual Life–transformed in a moment! If this hadn’t happened to me, I might question the veracity of the story. The account is true. Every word.

We sing in church of the ‘old, old story of Jesus and His Love’. I sing those words today with a Blessed Assurance I did not have prior to this experience. From a heart filled with joy and gladness, I share this experience with you in book-form. Praise God for His Mercies to us. — FM


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