The story is ‘out there’ now, initial response encouraging

In the few days BEYOND VENGEANCE TO FORGIVENESS has been released to the public the response has been encouraging.

Not just for me as a writer, but for me as a believer in Jesus Christ. That’s what this publishing venture is about. This book is an introduction to the Savior of humankind for those looking for a Central Point of Reference in their lives. To those who are already familiar with Jesus Christ, this book is intended as a bolster to your faith. I share this personal account for the Glory of God, not to gain Earthly riches or worldly fame. Surely, there are more lucrative ways to achieve those. Rather, I authored this book–and shared the costs of producing it with Xlibris Publishing– to reflect on the transformative power of Jesus Christ in my life.

Now the story is available for public ‘consumption.’ It’s ‘out there’ as the saying goes. It’s a story that I rejoice in. It is my prayer that this story will speak to you. — FM


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